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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Restoring Britain's Extinct Species

Britain's fauna used to be far more diverse and exciting before agriculture and hunting marginalised then obliterated many species.

The Wild Beasts Trust is a network of enthusiasts who want to repair our damaged habitat.

Vast acres of the UK are ceasing to be cultivated. Former landscapes are emerging again from wetlands to native woodland. These are incomplete without the original inhabitants returning too.

Our candidate species for rebuilding the habitat range from the grey whale to the dormouse, carnivore to herbivore. We include the wolf, the lynx, the bear, the wolverine, the beaver, the moose, the boar, the walrus, the bison, the mouflon, the lemming, the dormouse and one non-mammal - the sturgeon.

WBT groups support different species in finding locations and preparing locations for release.

A number of members have already acquired sample populations prior to a full return to the wild. At a location in Tayside members can visit our thriving beaver colony which has passed the simple test of environmental harmony - they are breeding. No beavers have been present in Britain since the mid Seventeenth Century.

The WBT is part of an informal network of kindred European groups that have reintroduced extinct species or plan to do so.


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